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i can has rentsecrets?

Hey, so, uh... I guess you guys have noticed already that rentsecrets has been missing in action for the past couple of weeks. I'd have, you know, posted an explanation earlier, but I thought it would be funny to see you guys flailing around, trying to figure out what had happened. I was hoping that there would be lots of speculation about the deletion, but that didn't happen. Seriously, you guys? The me being a vampire thing? That was fucking gold. The fact that this all happened at the same time as Strikethrough 2007 2: Electric Boldaloo? Seriously. Next time someone hands you bait like that, fucking take it.

Anyways. The point I'm trying to make is that, as of now, rentsecrets is effectively dead. The deletion was mostly symbolic, and also, like I said, for lulz. I'm going to be leaving the community up, because the archives are still worth looking at, but there won't be any more updates.

When _morning_glow, pyoko, and myself (and bessiemaemucho, since she really was the one who inspired us in the first place) started this community, we thought it would only last for a few weeks, and only on the strength of us and the rest of our friends making fake secrets. It kind of took off, though, and any time we hit a milestone, I was shocked. After a year and a half, though... rentsecrets has taken it's toll on me. It stopped being fun a long time ago.

So, here we are. We've had some good times, haven't we? Remember all the secrets about Cary Shields? Or the time that April wasn't the whore of Babylon? Remember WENTZ? Or the whole Team Arcelus/Team Manuel thing? Oh man. Just go read the archives, you guys. You don't need any new shitty secrets.

That's about it, I guess. Have fun, thanks for making this community what it was. I've always thought most of you were assholes, and you probably think the same of me, but it's been fun nonetheless. Tara and I have an inability to say no to random ideas for communities that pop into our heads, so you'll probably be hearing from us again eventually.

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potter; such is the ravenclaw way

secrets post #77


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secrets left to be posted from submission post 77: 0
secrets posted to date: 1995
next secrets post: 03 august 2007 (already?)
submit: 78

So, you guys had TWO WHOLE WEEKS to submit secrets and this is the best you could come up with? Laaaame. I don't know if y'all were busy reading Harry Potter or what, but step it up this week okay? Okay!

moderate me, baby

Hey guys. I know there's supposed to be a secrets post today, but due to things like work, Harry Potter, and weather, there's... not. Sorry! Keep those secrets coming, and I'll see you again in a week!
panic; baby one more time

secrets post #76


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secrets left to be posted from submission post 76: 0
secrets posted to date: 1980 (a fine year!)
next secrets post: 20 july 2007 (SPOOKY)
submit: 77

There were actually like 9000 blingees submitted, but tbh they kind of stopped being funny after like... two. So that's all that I posted of them. Rentsecrets is, from here on out, a no blingees zone. How do you like me now, bitches?
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panic!; D:


Yeah yeah, I know, it's Friday. Secrets, I know. Unfortunately, shibaiko was bitten by a vampire. No joke. I've been waiting around at the hospital all night, and it totally sucks (um, clearly for Sophi more than me).

Obviously this is a pretty stressful time for all of us here at rentsecrets, so we're going to skip this week. Hopefully you guys don't mind, and keep shibaiko in your thoughts, please!

(Also, Submissions Post #75 is still open!)

secrets post #72


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secrets left to be posted from submission post 72: 4
secrets posted to date: 1900 (holy shit that is a lot of secrets)
next secrets post: 15 june 2007
submit: 73

If you should ever be stuck by the need to make nine shitty rent macros, don't submit them all at the same time in one comment. It makes me not want to post them.
Like two other secrets weren't posted because the person who submitted them did so in the post I made last week, and not in the actual submissions post.
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