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i should tell you

trusting desire

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rent seacrest
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[ rentsecrets ]

First, there was postsecret. Then, ljsecret. Then, hansonsecrets. And now? Our very own rentsecrets.

I know you have something to say.

[ how to ]

(stolen from hansonsecrets)
1. Design a graphic that relates to your secret (see recent secrets posts for examples). As long as it can be read, it doesn't have to be super pretty! Microsoft paint works just as well!
2. Go to tinypic.com, and where it says "browse," find the secret on your computer. once you've selected it, click 'host picture'. Then take the code in the 'Link' box and copy the link to your clipboard. (control + c)
3. Find the submissions post on the community page.
4. Hit the 'anonymous' user button, and paste (control + v) your link into the comment box.
5. Hit submit! If you get the following message, you did it right: Your anonymous comment has been added. According to this community's settings, it was marked as screened, and will be visible only to the community maintainers until they choose to unscreen it. You can go back to the comment thread here.

[ etc ]

1. Secrets will be posted on Fridays. Your secret will be posted eventually. If you submit it and it's not in the next secret post, don't freak out! We just didn't have room for it this week!
2. It cannotcannotcannot be bigger than 700x500. Be kind to those with dial-up!
3. You must host it yourself. Sorry guys, I don't have the webspace. As previously mentioned, tinypic is great for hosting. You can use photobucket, but please keep in mind that photobucket urls list your username, so it is possible for people to know that you made that particular secret. Please do NOT use imageshack or supload. If you have an lj or gj gallery, that's fine!
4. Anonymous commenting is on and ip logging is off. Don't be afraid to comment!
5. Your moderators are shibaiko, _morning_glow, pyoko, and bessiemaemucho AKA Sophia, Tara, MaDonna, and Renata. If you have any problems, please feel more than free to contact any of us.
6. Our layout is courtesy of letsbebad at exit47

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